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by: Kedarnath Das
I am a follower of the vedic philosophy. my vision of life is based on the understanding of the eternity of the soul and the learning in this material world to be able to rise in our consciousness

by: Kedarnath Das
I am 6 years old producing my music

by: AV Connection
I'll give you two, for orthodox use and results i use Waves H-Delay all the time, because it is easy to use and does it's job well, and for more unorthodox use and results i've been using Dmitry Sches Tantra, because it has multiple nice tempo synced fx bundled.

by: Magic shaman🕉
I love full on and hi tech psy trance I like full on cos its come with spirit And i like hi tech cos i put my energy to notes. And share my feelings and vibration For me life BPM start at 145 and ended up 220🛐🕉

by: Scion of Mars
I use Software and Hardware as well. So my favourite Synthesizers are Native Instruments Massive, Sonic Academy Kick 2 Bass Drum Synthesizer and Acces Virus TI 2

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